Add a marker on a candle graph

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Guglielmo Sabatelli
Guglielmo Sabatelli on 8 Oct 2020
I read file EXPORT9 ( attached ) and I plot a candle graph as follow:
title('High, Low, Open, Close Chart for TMW')
How can I add a marker on a specific data with a specific prize?

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Pranav Verma
Pranav Verma on 15 Oct 2020
Hi Guglielmo,
Candlestick chart represents the fluctuation of prices in a time frame. From the data passed to the candle function as an argument, the candlesticks are plotted which shows the opening and closing prices in the time frame ie, the fluctuation occured in the prices in each time frame. Markers on the other hand are specific data points which occur in the dataset and in the case of candlesticks chart would not be the correct way to visualise data.
However to see the opening and closing values of a candlestick, you can click on the opening and closing price on the candles in the generated candlestick chart.
Please refer to the below documentation on candlestick graph for more information:
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Guglielmo Sabatelli
Guglielmo Sabatelli on 15 Oct 2020
Hi Pranav
Thank you for the answer but I would like to do another thing.
I can create a candle graph and I know how to visualize a marker on the graph.
I would like to add a marker, over or under a specific candle, on the graph yet created.I've attached an image just for example. How can I plot for example the red and blue points?

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