How to import excel sheet with Dates/Time in the first column

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In the first column I have the dates written as 01.12.2019 00:00 in the other column I have datas as floating numbers.
If I import the excel sheet with "Data=xlsread('Filename') " I don't get the dates and times in the first column instead some random floating numbers.
I need the dates to make a graph with them on the X axis.
please help

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Sudhakar Shinde
Sudhakar Shinde on 10 Oct 2020
  1. try
[num,txt,raw] = xlsread(filename)
2. check also readtable, readmatrix, or readcell
Sudhakar Shinde
Sudhakar Shinde on 12 Oct 2020
[~,~,raw] = xlsread(filename);
%Extract date column if date is 2 nd column in excel
Date = raw(:,2);
%ignore Date header
Date = raw(2:end,2);

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Giancarlo Meccariello
Giancarlo Meccariello on 12 Oct 2020
I found a solution.
basically when the format for the date in excel is TT.MM.JJ hh:mm and you import the excel as a matrix you get the serial number of the date. that's something linke 44380.
then you have to add a constant, that's the deviation between matlab and excel in the serial number of the dates
date_matrix=DATA(:,1) + 693960
and finally it has to be converted to date
date_for_plots = datetime(date_matrix,'ConvertFrom','datenum')
Now graphs can be plotted with this vector for the X-axis




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