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Reinstalling my matlab 2019 (R2019b) in my new ssd

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Praveen Patnaik
Praveen Patnaik le 13 Oct 2020
I am going to replace my hard drive with ssd so I would be reformatting my computer. This means I would have to deactivate my matlab and reinstall it . I needed to know will changing my hard drive and installing malab into ssd cause problems??
I read somewhere that matlab gives error on reactivation because it remembers the computer from which it was installed by serial numberof hard disk.
Is deactivation needed or necessary for reinstalling in same computer after formatting???

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Nagasai Bharat
Nagasai Bharat le 20 Oct 2020
You should be able to normally uninstall MATLAB from your computer and re-install it again with your SSD installed by using the same activation code. If you face any problems do Contact us.


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