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USRP E312 Receiver Discontinuity Flag

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Aisha Eldeeb
Aisha Eldeeb on 15 Oct 2020
Answered: Ciaran Toner on 19 Oct 2020
I am using USRP E312 with MATLAB to configure as a receiver. The setup process worked out fine and I am receiving data. However, the Discontinuity Flag (overflow) is always 1 which indicates that data are not received in real time. As per documentation, it was recommended to increae the number of samples per frame and I did increase it to the maximum but I still get lost samples.
Please advice on how to solve this issue.

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Ciaran Toner
Ciaran Toner on 19 Oct 2020
Hi Aisha,
Are you perhaps using a custom image? If so it might be worth trying with the default bitstream that is copied to SD card when performing the Hardware Setup.
It might also be useful to know which example you are trying to run.


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