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How do I use the group summary/unstack function in this script?

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Mila Bojovic
Mila Bojovic le 15 Oct 2020
This is my script:
date1 = datetime(2020,10,12,'Format','yyyy/MM/dd');
date2 = datetime(2020,10,15,'Format','yyyy/MM/dd');
Date = [date1;date1;date1;date2];
Concept = ["Petrol";"Woolworths";"ALDI";"Opal Card"]; T
ype = ["Credit";"Savings";"Cash";"Credit"];
Category = ["Car";"Groceries";"Groceries";"Transportation"]
; Amount = [55;63;15;20];
T = table(Date,Concept,Type,Category,Amount)
It looks like this
I am trying to create another table to reflect these results:
I tried using groupsummary function but it would only allow me to use the variables of the columns and not the two dates I need.
Is anyone able to point me in the right direction?

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Seth Furman
Seth Furman le 16 Oct 2020
Take a look at the following documentation example for unstack, which closely resembles your problem.


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