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Force shut down my PC, now can't open .mlx file.

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Miguel Romanello Joaquim
Miguel Romanello Joaquim on 21 Oct 2020
Answered: Manvi Goel on 27 Oct 2020
Hey everyone,
I am trying to open a .mlx live script file, but have been given the error message:
"Error loading C:\{filepath}" with no error code or explanation.
I believe the file became corrupted because I force shut down my computer during my last session since it has been having some problems lately, but it has never affected the accessibility to my .m files. I have tried some of the advice I have seen from other similar situations (changing the output file using 7Zip, looking for previous versions of the file on the online software), to no avail. I use R2018a.
Any other suggestions? Thank you.

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Manvi Goel
Manvi Goel on 27 Oct 2020
You can try creating a new .mlx file and check if the issue is with respect to only one particular file or with every file.
And there are a couple of workarounds that might help you in fixing the issue:
  1. Change the time settings and the region in your PC followed by restarting it. You could refer to this link for details:
  2. Regenerate MATLAB preferences and restart the PC. You could refer to this post for detailed steps:
  3. Ensure that you have write access to the temporary directory that MATLAB is using. You can execute the following command to get the path to this directory in the MATLAB command window:
If the issue is related to permissions, you could also try running MATLAB as administrator and see if that lets you open live scripts. Please refer to this MATLAB Answer that talks about a similar issue




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