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how to plot only one datapoint at a time with a 1 second delay from a dataset

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Hello everyone,
I have a matrix made of 3 columns and a random number of rows (for example TestPoints=[1 4 6;2 1 4;3 2 3;4 1 5;5 3 4;6 1 6;7 2 6;8 2 6];). I want to plot the second and third column (will call these X & Y). I do not care about the first column. The first column could be thought as time in seconds and the second and third coumns are Measurement 1 and Measurement 2 respectively.
However, I want to plot the first X and Y point first, followed by a 1 second delay before it plots the next X and Y point. I want it to keep doing this until it has gone through every row. Note: I do not want the previous point to show on the plot when the new point is plotted.


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the cyclist
the cyclist on 21 Oct 2020
Here is one way:
TestPoints=[1 4 6;2 1 4;3 2 3;4 1 5;5 3 4;6 1 6;7 2 6;8 2 6];
for nr = 1:size(TestPoints,1)

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Heraldo Tello
Heraldo Tello on 22 Oct 2020
yes this exactly what I wanted it plotted each point with a delay of 1 second without storing the previous point

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