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Not able to create a custom excel function using MATLAB Compiler

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Sarada Prasanna Sahoo
Sarada Prasanna Sahoo on 22 Oct 2020
function [a] = add123(b,c,d)
% Simple Matlab function
This is the simple function, I want to run in MS-EXCEL.
I tried to follow the following link.
I encountered one error even if few required toolboxes I have installed, the screenshot of which has been attached.
The first message I have got is as follows.
I opened the log file and the screenshot is as follows.
I want to create a custom function in matlab environment and run in excel.
I am not able to understnad where I have made a mistake.
Please help.
My mail id is

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Manvi Goel
Manvi Goel on 30 Oct 2020
The error indicate that while building App, MATLAB not able to find the MinGW compiler which is required to build the App using MATLAB App Designer.
Make sure that you have installed at least one of the supported compilers for the corresponding MATLAB version and OS platform.
You can get the list of the compilers and system requirements from this link
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Sarada Prasanna Sahoo
Sarada Prasanna Sahoo on 2 Nov 2020
I have installed appropriate operating system and softwares. The screenshot of operating system is attached .
And if Matlab is not able to find MinGW compiler what should be done to overcome this problem ? Please help me.

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