Questions regarding the use of Simulink models in a book

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Hi Mathworks Team,
I am planning to start writing an introductory book in the electronic area for technicians and students, only for Brazilian market and using Portuguese language, and I was wondering about the possibility to include some self-developed Simulink models on it.
In this case, I would like to hear from you the answers for the follwoing:
1) should I have to pay royalties of any kind to Mathworks?
2) would that be ok whether the published models are built using a Home license of MATLAB/Simulink?
I wish you a great day!
Kind regards!

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Rodrigo Botelho
Rodrigo Botelho on 24 Oct 2020
Edited: Rodrigo Botelho on 24 Oct 2020
Oi Cléber,
MathWorks have a specific page for the Book Program.
You might find a faster answer directly from them:
And I am curious about the topics. What are you writing about?

Cleber Sarmento
Cleber Sarmento on 27 Oct 2020
Hi Rodrigo,
thanks a lot for this information.
I am planning to write about electric and electronics in the automotive segment.
Kind regards,


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