Matlab GUI for turning mp3 into notes

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Faheem Aziz
Faheem Aziz on 3 Nov 2020
Commented: Rik on 6 Nov 2020
I am trying to create a Matlab program for a university project to turn mp3 files into a series of notes (like the program anthemscore). The steps I would like to include are:
1) user uploads an MP3 file
2) Matlab program tranlates the uploaded file into set of notes
3) user can play back the notes the program has created
Is this possible and how would I go about doing this? Or is there a better program for doing this.
Many thanks,
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Rik on 6 Nov 2020
For general advice and examples for how to create a GUI (and avoid using GUIDE), have look at this thread.

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Saurav Chaudhary
Saurav Chaudhary on 6 Nov 2020
Look at the following MATLAB file exchange link to get an idea.


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