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Error Simulating Model When Enabling the 3D Engine in MATLAB R2020b

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Jiangfeng Liu
Jiangfeng Liu on 3 Nov 2020
Commented: Jiangfeng Liu on 27 Apr 2021
When I followed the example 'Design Lane Marker Detector Using Unreal Engine Simulation Environment' and ran open_system('straightRoadSim3D') and sim('straightRoadSim3D'),this error occured:
MATLAB System block 'straightRoadSim3D/Simulation 3D Scene Configuration1/Simulation 3D Engine' error occurred when invoking
'resetImpl' method of 'Simulation3DEngine'. The error was thrown from '
'D:\matlab2020b\toolbox\shared\sim3d\sim3d\+sim3d\EngineInterface.p' at line 0
'D:\matlab2020b\toolbox\shared\sim3d\sim3d\+sim3d\Engine.p' at line 0
'D:\matlab2020b\toolbox\shared\sim3d\sim3d\+sim3d\Project.p' at line 0
'D:\matlab2020b\toolbox\shared\sim3dblks\sim3dblks\Simulation3DEngine.p' at line 0'.
Caused by:
3D simulation engine interface setup error.
It used just default scenes, and i am very confused.

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Sunil Patidar
Sunil Patidar on 6 Nov 2020
The version of Unreal required to run the interface with the Vehicle Dynamics Blockset changes based on the MATLAB Release.
In this case, for version R2020b the relevant version of Unreal is v4.23.
Refer to the following documentation page for more information on version-specificity for other MATLAB releases:
Installing the correct version will likely correct the issue reported above.
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Jiangfeng Liu
Jiangfeng Liu on 6 Nov 2020
Thanks for your answer, but I have already Unreal v4.23.1. Is that possible, that I have missed some configurations for matlab or Unreal?

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Chenhao Yang
Chenhao Yang on 26 Apr 2021
did you found any way to solve this problem? I am still facing it...

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