How else can I configure my NI DAQPad-6020E to work on MATLAB?

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I have a National Instruments DAQPad-6020E that I would like to use the Data Acquisition Toolbox legacy interface for (hence why I've installed R2015b since it's 32 bit). I tried using "Get Hardware Support Package" --> Download from Internet --> NI-DAQmx to install the support package for this.
When downloading, it said "Download Failed:" which suggests the link itself is not available anymore.
How can I get my DAQPad working on MATLAB? It's old equipment, but it's equipment I've been given for my final year project.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 28 Nov 2020
Lesandu posted the same information in a more readable form, so I Accepted their answer.

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Accepted Answer

Lesandu Wenitha Sugathadasa
You can Download It easily from this link:-Download!!!Copy

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