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The following two blocks cannot be connected in series because they are modeled as current sources:

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I have tried inserting ideal switch between my DCDC outputput capacitor and Battery and getting following error ! If I add snubber resistance to avoid this error Battery raise my capacitor to battery voltage discarding my precharge circuit !!
Also I have fond out with some snubber resistor even if the ideal switch is open I can see battery is getting charged !!!
Any help much appreciated.

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel le 4 Nov 2020
Hello Sreeraj,
if you are seeing impact with the snubber, I would recommend increasing the size of the snubber. Maybe try something around 100,000 to 1 M ohm. If you see a very small amount of current going backward, that should not impact the usefulness of your simulation. Have you tried using a continuous simulation with enabling ideal switching?
What are the size of your snubbers and did you set a capacitive snubber on your breaker or switch? Also, how much current is flowing into the battery when it should be 0? Can you provide a screenshot of your model, part of the issue is the breaker block, but since you are using an ideal switch to connect the battery, it is not obvious why the breaker is also in there.


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