How to remove the y axis and tick marks but keep the tick label and axis label?

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Adenine Koo
Adenine Koo on 6 Nov 2020
Answered: Benjamin Kraus on 16 Dec 2020
May I know how to remove the y axis and tick marks (marked with red arrow), but keep its label ('Run Number') and tick labels (1 to 6) as in the plot below?
My code:
fwdSpikeX was attached as mat file
ItrNum_fwd = 6;
runstart = -40.948564603973250;
runend = 40.948564603973250;
binWidth = 5;
binRange = -42.5:5:42.5;
% For each fwd run, plot the spike firing positions as raster plot, subplot 5
for ff = 1:ItrNum_fwd
NoSpikeFlag = isempty(fwdSpikeX{ff});
if ~NoSpikeFlag
plot(fwdSpikeX{ff}, ff, 'k.'); % Plot spikes as black dots along x axis
hold on
end % for NoSpikeFlag
end % for ff
x1 = runstart;
x2 = runend;
line([x1 x1], [0 ItrNum_fwd+1]); % Plot vertical line at runstart
hold on
line([x2 x2], [0 ItrNum_fwd+1]); % Plot vertical line at runend
hold on
axis([binRange(1) binRange(end) 0 ItrNum_fwd+1]);
ax = gca;
ax.Box = 'off';
ax.YDir = 'reverse';
ax.YTick = (1:1:ItrNum_fwd);
ax.YTickLabel = (1:1:ItrNum_fwd);
ax.XTick = (binRange(1):binWidth:binRange(end));
ax.XTickLabel = (0:binWidth:binRange(end) - binRange(1));
ax.TickDir = 'out';
ax.YLabel.String = ('Run Number');
ax.XLabel.String = ('Positions along X-axis');
Thank you!
Here is my desired output:

Answers (2)

VBBV on 6 Nov 2020
%if true
% code
ax.YColor = 'w';% use white color
ax.Ytick = [];
VBBV on 6 Nov 2020
%if true
% code
ax = gca
set(ax,'YColor','b');% use blue color
set(ax,'YTick',{}); % no tick marks ,empty
ax.YTickLabel = ({'1','2','3','4','5','6'}); % specfify your ticklabels
ax.YLabel.String = 'Run Number';
It may be that you always need same number of ticks and ticklabels
Better to set the color of YTick as white and pass it as argument

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Benjamin Kraus
Benjamin Kraus on 16 Dec 2020
You can remove the tick marks by setting the TickLength property on the axes to [0 0], but that will remove ticks from both the x and y axis, and unfortunately there is no way to remove the y-axis without also removing the tick labels.
Therefore, the best solution is to create your own tick labels, which is not as complicated as it sounds.
For example:
ax = axes;
plot(rand(100,1)+0.05,randi(6,100,1), '.')
ax.YLim = [0 7];
ax.YAxis.Visible = 'off';
ytickvalues = 1:6;
x = zeros(size(ytickvalues));
str = string(ytickvalues);
text(x, ytickvalues, str, 'HorizontalAlignment', 'right');
box off


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