can anyone help me solve these two questions please?

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rsn le 6 Nov 2020
Commenté : John D'Errico le 7 Nov 2020
1.Write a MATLAB program to find the value of f(x) is -2x when x < 0; x(x-2) when x is in [0, 2] and log(x-1) otherwise.
2. write a MATLAB program to find out the sum of the first 10 numbers in fribonacci series.

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Sibi le 6 Nov 2020
Modifié(e) : madhan ravi le 6 Nov 2020
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rsn le 7 Nov 2020
It's not like I don't have any ineterest in learning. I have my own reason for asking these questions. Thank you for answering my questions.
And to those who got butthurted just because someone answered my questions, I am sorry.
John D'Errico
John D'Errico le 7 Nov 2020
@rsn - If you want help here, then you need to show some effort. Otherwise, you have shown no more interest than someone who wants nothing more than to get their homework answered.

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi le 6 Nov 2020
help fibonacci
FIBONACCI Symbolic Fibonacci numbers. F = FIBONACCI(N) returns the N-th Fibonacci number. If N is a nonnegative integer then FIBONACCI(N) returns the N-th Fibonacci number. FIBONACCI(N) returns an error if the argument evaluates to a number of wrong type. FIBONACCI(N) returns the unevaluated function call if N does not evaluate to a number. Documentation for fibonacci doc fibonacci Other functions named fibonacci sym/fibonacci


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