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Change colors of individual strings of a figure

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Nicolas Kaiser
Nicolas Kaiser le 20 Nov 2020
Modifié(e) : dpb le 13 Juin 2022
Hello dear community,
I want to display the text of a figure in different colors. The text consists of several strings which are displayed with the font color black. Dynamically strings should be added to the text line by line with a fixed color if a boolean variable is true. Unfortunately I have no idea how this could work.
Here is an example how I have tried:
set(mainHandles.text, 'String', [{'abc'};...
{'vwxyz'}]); %black font coulor
text_data = arrayfun(@(x) text(join(['\\color{x}sadfsdgs')),...
cell2mat(Data(is_true,1)), 'UniformOutput', false);
mainHandles.text.String = vertcat(mainHandles.text.String, text_modules);
mainHandles.text is the text object of the figure. Data contains the color of the respective string. With is_true the active strings are addressed.
Regardless of the fact that I have to reset the text of the figure with set, passing the font color in the string itself does not work - invalid parameter/value pair arguments.
Do any of you have an idea how I could make it all happen?
Many thanks for the help

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dpb le 20 Nov 2020
Well, it'll take a fair amount of detailed coding, but it can be done...as a crude illustration try the following code...
hTxt=text(0.5,0.5, [{'\color{black}abc'};...
pause 5
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Maurilio Matracia
Maurilio Matracia le 13 Juin 2022
Hi Nicolas, could you please attach the code you used for applying the rgb triplets?
dpb le 13 Juin 2022
Modifié(e) : dpb le 13 Juin 2022
I have no idea what code may have used, but the syntax is
hTxt=text(0.1,0.5, {'\color[rgb]{0, 1, 0}abc'});
NB: the RGB string is inside square brackets and the RGB triplet is a cell array; the syntax is quite particular in this.
As noted (I think above?) this is all in the "See Also" doc link from text inside the text properties "TeX Markup Options" section.

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