getting all the nearby pixels from a center pixel in image

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Hi everyone, I have a quick question like this: there is an image,suppose with size of 320 * 240, and I extract a center pixel position of sub-window with size 31 * 21 from this image. Now, I want to get all the pixels location of this sub-window and rearrange it as a column. Is there some fast way to do this? Thank you very much!

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Uttiya Ghosh
Uttiya Ghosh on 19 Jun 2020
Hi Uta,
From my understanding, you want to convert a region of an image into a column vector. Refer to the code below:
subregionSize=[2 3];
subregionStartIdx=[5 6];
You will receive the required Column Vector in JCol. You can change the sizes as per your requirements.
For more information, refer to the links below:


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