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Matlab crashes while loading canDatabase

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Georg Novotny
Georg Novotny on 25 Nov 2020
Edited: Till Diatscheschen on 22 Jul 2021
Hello everyone,
I want to decode msg of a cars canbus using matlab. For this I found a dbc file from comma ai .
But when I try to run :
db = canDatabase("vw_mqb_2010.dbc");
matlab straight crashes without displaying any error.
Does anyone have an idea why this is happening?
I would really appreciate some help with this.
Thanks and all the best,
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Eric Gorkow
Eric Gorkow on 30 Nov 2020
Got the exact same issue with multiple .dbc-Files (2 out of 6). They are all completely fine (according to Vector CANdb++ editor). I just noted that those 2 are the biggest ones (>1380KB), maybe it has something to do with that? Definetly a big problem for me atm...
Kind regards,

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Aiswarya Subramanian
Aiswarya Subramanian on 30 Nov 2020
Dear Georg,
When these type of issues occur, kindly ensure that your ".dbc" file is valid. This can be done with a free 3rd party tool, Vector CANdb++ editor:
Vector CANdb++ editor is installed with the demo version of CANalyzer / CANoe, which can be downloaded from the Vector website:
Try to load the DBC-file in this editor and see if it loads without any issues. If there are any errors, they need to be fixed so that the crash issue can be resolved.
Hope this helps your query.
Georg Novotny
Georg Novotny on 3 Dec 2020
Hello Aiswarya,
thank you for your reply!
Vector CANdb++ did not solve my problem. I just got the an error that there is a syntax error at line 34 which is empty.
I resolved the issue by converting the dbc file with cantools.
Line 34 is steill empty btw but all the lines below are changed. Feel free to compare the old (VW.txt) and the new file (VW_New.txt).

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Aymen Rejab
Aymen Rejab on 29 Jan 2021
Hello everybody,
Actually I´m working also on dbc. files and I´m facing the same problem.
Matlab crashes in every time I open my dbc files.
I used Vector CANdb++. It gave me the number of the line of the error.
you already mentioned that you used the Cantool. Could you please explain more how you solved your problem with it?
Thank you so much in advance

Till Diatscheschen
Till Diatscheschen on 22 Jul 2021
Edited: Till Diatscheschen on 22 Jul 2021
Hello everybody,
I had the same problem.
I could open it in Vector CANdb++ Editor without any problems or warnigs. But MATLAB crashes.
I fixed it via this way:
1) open the Database in Vector CANdb++ Editor
2) save the Database in Vector CANdb++ Editor (without any changes )
3) use the new Datebase, wich you saved with the Editor in the step bevor --> MATLAB load the Database correctly



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