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Training LTSM network error in command window

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G.N. Cobbold
G.N. Cobbold on 28 Nov 2020
Answered: Rishik Ramena on 7 Dec 2020
'Invalid training data. Responses must be a vector of categorical responses, or a cell array of categorical response
Hello I am currently training a LTSM classifaction network, in which i keep coming into this same error line. I have two data types. Firstly, my xtrain is a cell array of (3 x 900 double) whilst my ytrain is a cell array with categorical vectors( 3x 900 categorical). I am running this code to provide me a netowrk which will window temproal data of the sensor readings. I initally suspected that the error was due to my ytrain, in which i have countlessly spent time to change this data type to get desired result. Could this error be po potentially an error with my xtrain?
[net] = trainNetwork(xtrain,ytrain,layers,options);
numFeatures = 1;
numHiddenUnits = 200;
numClasses = 3;
trainFcn = 'trainscg'; % Scaled conjugate gradient backpropagation.
layers = [ ...
options = trainingOptions('adam', ...
'MaxEpochs',250, ...
'GradientThreshold',1, ...
'InitialLearnRate',0.005, ...
'LearnRateSchedule','piecewise', ...
'LearnRateDropPeriod',125, ...
'LearnRateDropFactor',0.2, ...
'Verbose',0, ...
%'MaxEpochs',60, ...
%'GradientThreshold',2, ...
%'Verbose',0, ...
%ytrain = transform(ytrain,@(data) padSequence(data,sequenceLength));
[net] = trainNetwork(xtrain,ytrain,layers,options);
%net = trainNetwork(xtrain,Ytrain,layers,options);

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Rishik Ramena
Rishik Ramena on 7 Dec 2020
You probably need to convert the ytrain to categorical while passing to trainNetwork.
[net] = trainNetwork(xtrain,ytrain,layers,options);

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