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Euler method returning error

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Austin Smith
Austin Smith le 4 Déc 2020
Commenté : Austin Smith le 5 Déc 2020
I am trying to use the euler and then midpoint method to solve for a value. I call on a different mfile that I have named "dydtsys.m" where I gather the equations needed for this project. Any and all help would be appreciated. I have tried to rename the 'unrecognized function or variable' as euler, eulsys, eulersys.

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Rafael Hernandez-Walls
Rafael Hernandez-Walls le 5 Déc 2020
maybe you need copy the function eulsys.m in your system. In this link you have a copy:
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Austin Smith
Austin Smith le 5 Déc 2020
So should I establish a separate mfile with one of those and then call on it by replacing the eulsys with @eulfun or just change it to eulfun

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