Ackward Behavior on Matlab Distributed Computing Server.

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Reynaldo on 26 Mar 2013
I am witnessing a weird behavior when using the Matlab Distributed Computing Server. I have 8 nodes. Each node has 4 cores. The issue appears when trying to open a large pool for the first time. I am only able to open a large Matlab pool if I keep opening smaller pools, each time increasing the number of workers used.
Heres what I am doing:
  • I add all cores on all nodes to the available pool using Admin Center.
  • If I try to open a 32 worker Matlab pool. It gives me an error.
  • Next thing I do is open a 2 worker Matlab pool. It succeeds.
  • I close the pool.
  • I open a 4 worker Matlab pool. It succeeds.
  • I close the pool.
  • I keep doing these steps until I reach 32 workers.
Also, when I finally open 32 workers, if I close the pool and try to open again a 32 worker Matlab pool, it would always succeeds unless I power off the server. If I power off the server, then I would need to perform the same steps I mentioned earlier until I am able to open a 32 worker pool. Any clue as to what might be happening? Thanks!
Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 27 Mar 2013
Are you using a single MATLAB install (meaning you install it on one node or shared file system and use that via the network)
What OS are you running on?
Also, as noted above, the error and MATLAB version are also needed.

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Answers (1)

Sam Marshalik
Sam Marshalik on 10 May 2013
Do you receive any errors when you try to open 32 workers right off the bat?
Before running matlabpool 32 or similar, can you please run setSchedulerMessageHandler(@disp). This will print out what MATLAB is trying to do and there may be a helpful hint in there.
Lastly, I would suggest for you to shut down MDCE on each node and then to restart it. After doing that, if you are using MJS, restart MJS and the workers in the Admin Center.
NOTE: When starting the MDCE service back up, run it with the -clean flag to make sure it is not being held back by previous issues: mdce start -clean.
- Sam

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