A variable and a string in a table cell?

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I am designing an app, it has a table and i want to show a string and a variable in one cell.
ipat = {'The Indicated Power at' app.IPat , sprintf('%.2f',app.IPat) , ' kW'};
app.UITable.Data = [app.T ; ipat]
What i want is, The Indicated Power at value shown in a cell.

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Harry Laing
Harry Laing on 9 Dec 2020
You cannot have two different data types in one cell. I can see you're attempting to convert a number (I presume of type double) to a string, add some text and then want the overall string to be presented in a single cell in the table. I suggest trying num2str():
ipat = ['The Indicated Power at ', num2str(app.IPat), ' kW'];
I have no idea what app.T is, so I cannot advise on what app.UITable.Data = [app.T ; ipat] will acheive. Though if you only want the phrase (for example) "The Indicated Power at 100 kW" to be shown, then try:
app.UITable.Data = ipat;
Stephen23 on 10 Dec 2020
ipatTxt = sprintf('The Indicated Power at %d rpm',app.EngSpd);
You might also find this useful:

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