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Webcam Image Acquisition - snapshot function

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Cillian Hayde
Cillian Hayde le 10 Déc 2020
I am using the snapshot function to acquire images. I am using a USB webcam to acquire the images.
Unfortunately, the snapshot function appears to operate slower than desired.
For the code below, I get approximately 64 milliseconds for each snapshot which translates to a frame rate of approximately 16.
IntCam = webcam("Webcam C170");
f = @()SnapShot(IntCam);
t = timeit(f)
Seconds = 1;
FrameRate = Seconds/t
function img = SnapShot(RaspCam)
img = snapshot(RaspCam);
On the Matlab side of things, is there any implementation solutions that can speed up image acquisition via a webcam?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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Abhisek Pradhan
Abhisek Pradhan le 13 Déc 2020
Here is a question related to Image Acquisition with high speed and fast capture.

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