Simulink Voltage angle measurement problem

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Simon Nagy
Simon Nagy le 17 Déc 2020
Hi Everyone,
i have to measure the angle of voltage. I use a "Complex to Magnitude-Angle block". The output of the voltage measurement unit is a coplex, but i can't measure the angle. I used also a " Complex to Real-Imag" block to better understand what is the problem with the output signal of voltage measurement.
Here is a picture about the simulation:
That should looks like so:
I would be very thanksfull, if somebody can me explain, why don't work the output signal of the voltage measurement as a complex number.

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Raunak Gupta
Raunak Gupta le 27 Déc 2020
The voltage you are measuring is actually the voltage across the AC Source which is a real number. That is why measuring the voltage using both the techniques are giving real values. I understand you want to calculate the angle of voltage (either it is lagging or leading the AC Source), for that you need to find the voltage across the active component which is the resistor and the reactive components which are LC part.
You may find the power_seriesload example useful for doing the same. You can open the example by running
On the command window. Also, the documentation about series RLC load can help.

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