two - loop with GPU

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Anh on 3 Apr 2013
I just have GPU on my desktop with matlab R2012b I plotted a Gaussian profile using two - loop on CPUas below:
for n=1:1:N
for m=1:1:N
I read somewhere that GPU does not support index like that, I even tried but it not work either. Is there any way possible to do the same thing on GPU?
Thank so much
Anh on 15 Apr 2013
All variables were on GPU (N, ds, N). I got the message: Undefined function 'colon' for input arguments of type 'gpuArray' Even one "For loop", if N is on GPU, it not work either. I know there is one way we can deal with "For loop" of an array by using gpuArray.colon.(...), but I have loop inside the loop to create a matrix G(n,m), so I don't know how to solve this problem.

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James Lebak
James Lebak on 23 Apr 2013
Yes, 1:gpuArray(N) for scalar N doesn't work in MATLAB R2013a. Try the following:
G = exp(-((x.*x).'*gpuArray.ones(1,N)+gpuArray.ones(N,1)*(y.*y)))./(w^2);
This vectorizes the calculation of x and y and calculates all the elements in the matrix at once, which should be much more efficient on the GPU than using a loop.


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