matlabpool hangs when working on a virtual machine

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I try to run parallel process on a matlab on a virtual machine (windows 8 using oracle virtualBox). It hangs in subfunction pGetSockets:
accepted = obj.ConnectionManager.activelyAccept();
WAITING_FOR_SOCKET = isempty( accepted );
since accepted is always returned empty.
i've tried all of the solutions i found but it still happens.

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 4 Apr 2013
  • If you validate your cluster profile, is there any more information provided? (Parallel > Manage Cluster Profiles > select the profile, then validate)
  • What scheduler are you using? (Local, MDCE, LSF, etc).
  • Can you validate a local cluster?
  • What release are you working with?
  • Do you have the firewall enabled?
  • Does your VM have networking set up?
  • Is that network functional and correct? (e.g. hostname resolves forward and backward, DNS settings are correct, etc)
  • How much RAM do you have configured, how many processors, and how many MATLABs are you trying to open in the pool?
What other solutions did you try?
Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 9 Apr 2013
Things I'd try
  1. Disable the firewall temporarily, it's by far the easiest thing to try.
  2. Run AdminCenter in matlabroot\toolbox\distcomp\bin . Don't do the MDCE setup options, but run the "Connectivity tests" to check your hostname.
  1. your scheduler is "local".
  2. the minimum system requirement is 2 GB/MATLAB. With 8 workers in your matlabpool, make sure to have the VM configured with 16 GB.
If the above doesn't work, I'd suggest calling technical support.

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