Can we use custom markers to plot trajectory

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Is there a way I can use a figure as custom marker to represent the trajectory of an unamanned aerial system. I also need it to represent the orientation of the UAS at any point on the trajectory.
I have attached examples that I found in some papers.

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Milan Padhiyar
Milan Padhiyar on 28 Dec 2020
Hello Sourav,
Please find here example code to use the custom marker in the MATLAB plots.
x = [1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10]; % x data
y = [2 7 8 4 10 3 5 9 6 1]; % y data
marker = imread('aeroplane.png'); % read image file
markerSize = [1,1]; % The size of marker is expressed in axis units, NOT in pixels
x_L = x - markerSize(1)/2; % left edge of marker
x_R = x + markerSize(1)/2; % right edge of marker
y_B = y - markerSize(2)/2; % bottom edge of marker
y_T = y + markerSize(2)/2; % top edge of marker
for index = 1:length(x)
imagesc([x_L(index) x_R(index)], [y_T(index) y_B(index)], marker) % warn range of the marker. It is reverse Top to Bottom. Not Bottom to Top
hold on
axis([0 11 0 11]) % set axis limit
axis equal
ax = gca;
ax.YDir = 'normal'; % reverse the y axis
grid minor;
grid on;
We can use "imread" function to import the marker and for plotting we can use "imagesc" and "plot" functions.




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