Effacer les filtres
Effacer les filtres

bandwith of high pass filter

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suketu vaidya
suketu vaidya le 25 Déc 2020
num = [-c1/c4, 0, 0];
den = [1, (c1+c4+c3)/(R5*c4*c3), 1/(R5*R2*c4*c3)];
H_HP = tf(num, den);

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Raunak Gupta
Raunak Gupta le 31 Déc 2020
I am not sure if the code is to find the bandwidth, but in my opinion bandwidth must not exist for a high pass filter since it is able to pass all the frequency components above a certain cutoff frequency. So, a cutoff frequency make sense but bandwidth for a high pass filter is not something which can be find.

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