Stator Flux Estimation of Induction Motor in real time

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I am using TMS320F28379D LAUNCHPad for implementation of induction motor control and code is generated from MATLAB2019b.
for this i have to estimation of stator an rotor flux in alpha,beta frame.
i am using Eq.
but output of integration of voltage quantity is not in sin shape and it is continuously decreasing in nature however input quantity is sinusoidal in nature.
how i can debug this kind of problem?
please provide any solutions for this?
Thanks in advanced

Accepted Answer

Pemendra Kumar Pardhi
Pemendra Kumar Pardhi on 11 Jun 2021
If any one suffer with above problems It is occurring due to DC ofset in sensed quantity ( it is due to sensor's inherently properties/scaling error) Above problem is mitigate by dc ofset mitigation strategies

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