parsim in parfor loop

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I have to run thousands of simulations which base on the same simulink model and I'm trying to shorten the runtime. Some of them vary only in variable values, so I run them using parsim. Above it, there are two forloops, whose purpose is to change the model by commenting/uncommenting some blocks. A simplificatio of the concept in the picture.
Will it shorten the runtime if I use parfors instead of fors?
(Does a parfor over parsim change anything? Do I get parallelization on both levels? Or just once?)
%commenting/uncommenting blocks
%commenting/uncommenting blocks

Accepted Answer

Prabhanjan Mentla
Prabhanjan Mentla on 5 Jan 2021
parfor-loop+sim = parsim to run simulink simulations in parallel.You cannot use a parfor-loop inside another parfor-loop. For more information you may check this link1 and link2.
Hope this helps.

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