Running MATLAB on a Linux server

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Haleh on 9 Apr 2013
Hi, I am trying to run matlab on a linux server. In my script I am using some unofficial m files which are not in the official toolboxes. As a result I get the error and matlab can not recognize these functions which are really vital for my program to run.Could anyone help me with this problem please?

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 9 Apr 2013
Edited: Jason Ross on 9 Apr 2013
It sounds like you need to add the directory with those files in it to your path.
You can do this using the "Set Path" dialog (on the toolbar), or programmatically using path functions like "path" or "addPath"
Since you mention this is on a server, keep in mind that the path names may be different than on your (I presume) local machine.


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