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superimpose matrices (n,n,m) to (n,n,1)

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I have a matrix a=360x360x100 (double)
I want to know how to superimpose all images and get a single matrix i.e 360x360x1 from 360x360x100
and plot that
for i = 1:100
l = data(:,i);
a100(:,:,i) = reshape(l, 360, []);
x = 1:size(a100,1);
y = 1:size(a100,2);
z = 1:size(a100,3);
Now I can plot all but I want to superimpose all plots just hold on and plotting not works

Accepted Answer

Steve Eddins
Steve Eddins on 12 Jan 2021
Here are some options.
Compute and plot the maximum value at each pixel:
Compute and plot the minimum value at each pixel:
Compute and plot the sum of all the images:
Compute and plot the average of all the images:

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