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Simulink Real-Time API for Microsoft .NET Framework @ 2020b

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SONER OZDEMIR le 15 Jan 2021
Dear community
We were trying to design an C# app to interact with a Speedgoat HIL sytem. We already knew that Mathworks will remove simulink real time explorer so we tried app designer but we find it easier to code with C#.
But we've found out that 2020b does not include an API to program such an custom interface. Instead Mathworks offers App Designer which has less features and hard to code with respect to Visual C#.
1- What's Mathworks suggested workflow instead of using SLRT .net API?
2- Is it possible for Mathworks to add this API to 2020b or later versions?

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Diego Kuratli
Diego Kuratli le 20 Jan 2021
The .NET API had a limited number of functions, while with App Designer you have access to the full MATLAB API for Simulink Real-Time.
It is possible to create GUIs with few lines of code with App Designer, as shown in this video:
In R2020b, you can still design your GUI in C# and other languages, by using the MATLAB External Language Interfaces, which can call the MATLAB API for Simulink Real-Time:
This workflow requires MATLAB and Simulink Real-Time in the host computer (this is a new license model introduced with R2020b: Simulink and coders are no longer required if you don't need to modify/build real-time applications).

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Stefanie Schwarz
Stefanie Schwarz le 19 Oct 2021




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