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fabrizio restori
fabrizio restori le 17 Jan 2021
I'm trying to use the Matlab antenna toolbox, and I have some doubts.
I've used the designer for a dipole antenna. I saw one single feed point, but a dipole must have a centered feed between the two arms, not a single point.
What I've missed about the feed point?

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Chandu le 4 Mar 2022
Feed point on the Antenna is where the radio frequency electrical power is applied. In Antenna Toolbox, by default the feed point is at the centre of the Dipole Antenna. Strip Dipole Antenna can be created by the following MATLAB command (where the Feed point is at the centre),
If the Feed point needs to be moved between the two arms of the dipole, use the following command,
d=dipole (FeedOffset, Value)
The "Value" represents the offset distance from the centre of the Dipole Antenna. Note that “Value” should lie in the range [0,1].
You can also refer to dipole antenna MathWorks Documentation for further reference.


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