Read multiple CSV file with header and datetime

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RA le 19 Jan 2021
Réponse apportée : Chandu le 15 Mar 2022
i have multiple CSV files with 2 header lines (some files missing header) and first column being datetime. I would like to import files based on filename filter. I did this by creating a datastore and using "readall" command. is there a better way to do this?
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Chandu le 15 Mar 2022
Multiple CSV files can be imported into MATLAB workspace using a loop and textscan MATLAB function can be used for filtering. textscan will let you specify 'HeaderLines' to skip over the header. Refer the following script,
for i = 1: numfids
f = fopen (strcat (strDir, fnames(i).name);
X = textscan (f,'%s%f','Delimiter',',','HeaderLines',1);
X would be a cell array of parsed columns (note this code reads the timestamp as a string). Refer textscan MathWorks Documentation for more help.


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