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Input file editing format

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Hi, Good morning
I have a text file el.txt which contains 4800 lines . I need to change linesand store in same text file or create a new file which ever it is fine according to user requirement for instance line 1,121,241,361,481,601 , 721,841,961,1081,1201,1321,1441,1561,1681,1801, on to 4681. difference of 120 lines betweeen lines and next starts with line 2,122,242,361..... 4681.... thand next 3,123, contines till 4800 lines. in this sequesnce lines to be stored in text file. Any help in this direction is appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson on 20 Jan 2021
How much of this process do you have so far? Is there a specific issue you're running into, or not sure how to do any of it in Matlab?
RAKESH KUMAR TOTA on 20 Jan 2021
I dont know how to do it in matlab .

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Accepted Answer

Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 20 Jan 2021
I believe this code should work - I tested it only with loops = 2 even though I think you need to go up to 120
data = importdata('el.txt');
[m,n] = size(data);
loop = 2
% option 1 : split and save as separate files
for ci = 1:loop
ind = ci:120:m;
data_out = data(ind,:);
filename = ['data' num2str(ci) '.txt'];
writematrix(data_out, filename);
% option 2 : or stack vertically and save as one files
data_all = [];
for ci = 1:loop
ind = ci:120:m;
data_out = data(ind,:);
data_all = [data_all;data_out];
filename = ['data' num2str(ci) '.txt'];
writematrix(data_all, 'data_stacked.txt');


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