How can I send the MATLAB data(using loop) to excel???

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연승 김
연승 김 le 26 Jan 2021
Commenté : 연승 김 le 26 Jan 2021
Hello. I have a touble.
I can send the MATLAB single data to excel. I studied it by this website.
But, if when the data value changes because of the loop statement,
and then how can I accumulate the all data??
For example,
for i = 1:9
A1 = randi([1 30]);
A2 = randi([1 30]);
A3 = randi([1 30]);
i = i+1
According the loop runs, the value of A1, A2, A3 change.
I want to get an excel file like figure below, because I want to conduct sensitivity analysis by using the accumulated data.
If another method to conduct sensitivity analysis by MATLAB,
please, give me some advices.

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Timo Dietz
Timo Dietz le 26 Jan 2021
rndMatrix = zeros(9, 4); % preallocation
for i = 1:9
rndMatrix(i, 1) = i; % i
rndMatrix(i, 2) = randi([1 30]); % A1
rndMatrix(i, 3) = randi([1 30]); % A2
rndMatrix(i, 4) = randi([1 30]); % A3
Now, rndMAtrix contains all data.
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연승 김
연승 김 le 26 Jan 2021
Wow. it works very well!!! Thank you!!

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