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Double for loop is not working properly

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Sebastian Engelsgaard
Sebastian Engelsgaard le 27 Jan 2021
I have a 1x12 cell called 'ch' which contains a repeatable pattern as shown in the code below. I assume that the first row of cells in 'ch' repeats twice, however, the 7th column in ch is not using data{1,2}...
Anyone can help?
for n=1:6:12
for k=1:2
ch{1,n}= data{1,k}(:,14);
ch{1,n+1}= 1500
ch{1,n+2}= 'id'
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Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson le 27 Jan 2021
What you have posted worked fine for me. The ch{1,7} did capture data{1,2}.

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Daniel Pollard
Daniel Pollard le 27 Jan 2021
k will take the values [1 2]. For the first iteration of k, it stores data{1,1}(:,14) in ch{1,n}. The second time around, it will store data{1,2}(:,14) in ch{1,n}, overwriting what was previously done. The data associated with k=1 is never stored.
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Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson le 27 Jan 2021
I think you can actually just combine it down to one loop
for k=1:2
ch{1,(k-1)*6+1}= data{1,k}(:,14);
ch{1,(k-1)*6+2}= 1500
ch{1,(k-1)*6+3}= 'id'
Sebastian Engelsgaard
Sebastian Engelsgaard le 28 Jan 2021
Modifié(e) : Sebastian Engelsgaard le 28 Jan 2021
Thx. It works.

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