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Emanuele De Astis
Emanuele De Astis le 9 Fév 2021
2009-10-16 09:15:52.000081 M003 ON
2009-10-16 09:15:57.000014 M003 OFF
2009-10-16 09:15:59.000039 M027 OFF
2009-10-16 09:15:59.000050 M002 ON
2009-10-16 09:16:01.000001 M001 ON Leave_Home begin
2009-10-16 09:16:02.000052 M002 OFF
2009-10-16 09:16:04.000001 D001 OPEN
2009-10-16 09:16:11.000061 M001 OFF
2009-10-16 09:16:18.000053 M001 ON
2009-10-16 09:16:25.000026 D001 CLOSE
2009-10-16 09:16:30.000027 M002 ON
2009-10-16 09:16:33.000051 M001 OFF Leave_Home end
2009-10-16 09:16:34.000065 M027 ON
2009-10-16 09:16:35.000079 M002 OFF
2009-10-16 09:16:46.000013 M027 OFF
2009-10-16 09:16:49.000031 M004 ON
hello, i have a dataset of activity in Houses, i'm looking for a way to plot time intervals between the begin and start of "Leave_Home" (the original dataset is more largest of this). i am thinking of creating a code to have certain values ​​between end and begin (like 1, to indicate that the house is occupied) and another value (like 0 to indicate that the house is empty), between begin and end. all this work should serve me for a subsequent Machine Learning training. Thanks to those who will answer

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Gaurav Garg
Gaurav Garg le 12 Fév 2021
Hi Emanuele,
You can try fitting your data using Decision Trees (link).
If decision trees doesn't give good results in your scenario, there are other functions available in MATLAB which can be used to fit data (link).
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Emanuele De Astis
Emanuele De Astis le 12 Fév 2021
"Warning: Error occurred while executing the listener callback for event TrainingDatasetChanged defined for class
Error using eye
Requested 1048417x1048417 (8189.5GB) array exceeds maximum array size preference. Creation of arrays greater than
this limit may take a long time and cause MATLAB to become unresponsive."
Command window shows me this, what i do?

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