can anyone help me to complete this code

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shafaq innam
shafaq innam on 1 May 2013
this code is for generating a text watermark.the code mentioned below reads the text file, and finds the frequently occurring word in it which i named what i want to do is to make a function that counts the no of characters in a preceding and next word to the keyword(kw) each time kw occurs in the text file. can i get any help about this... fid = fopen('hello.txt');
text = textscan(fid,'%s');
text = lower(text{:});
Nwords = numel(text);
[uniqueWords, numericIDs, wordOrder] = unique(text);
counts = histc(wordOrder,1:numel(uniqueWords));
[frequency,order] = sort(counts,'descend');
freqcell = num2cell(frequency);
sortedWords = uniqueWords(order);

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