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Pass properties from one GUI to another app designer

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Leonor Vieira Dias
Leonor Vieira Dias on 11 Feb 2021
I have created to different GUI in the app designer. To simplify, here are the functions of each app:
  • GUI1: from a database, it calculates the row the user want under the propertie app.Index
  • GUI2: shows the information of the column of the database for the given column and display it as a label using the code:
  • app.Label.Text = database(app.Index, 'name of the columns we want')
Could you show me how to pass my property app.Index and others from my GUI1 to my GUI2?
Many thanks

Answers (1)

Avratanu Biswas
Avratanu Biswas on 13 Feb 2021
Probably this might help you : Share Data Within App Designer Apps .
You can check the codes in the given example and apply the same workflow in your case as well.

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