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Batch inside a Batch

Hi everyone, I am interesting in check the performance of a program by using different cores in a cluster. To submit my function to de cluster I write something like: job= batch('my_script','matlabpool',8)
and in my_script I have something like job=batch('other_script','matlabpool',5)
but I do not obtain and answer from the cluster because it is too much long or maybe it structure is not allow.
Do someone know a more effective way?
Thanks in advance. Rafa


on 1 May 2013
The question is not clear. What is "too long" and how could a performance be measured, when "a structure is not allowed"? Doesn't this mean, that the program crashes?
Rafa Valero on 3 May 2013
Sorry for my english. "Too long" means I am not allow to try it for more that 30 minutes, in my caso, more that 30 minutes. When I said "a structure is not allowed", I meant if it is possible to have a batch inside a batch. Thanks

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Answer by Yavor Kamer on 1 May 2013
 Accepted Answer

It seems like you are not allowed to change the pool size on the cluster. You can see the effect of the number of cores by changing the allocated workers in a parallel for loop like this
and then you change W to the number of workers (cores/threads) you want to test

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Rafa Valero on 3 May 2013
Thank you very much Yavor, it is a very simple an effective answer that I didn't thought.

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