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RoadRunner Project Version Control Issues

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Yizhou Wang
Yizhou Wang le 14 Fév 2021
Commenté : cui,xingxing le 9 Oct 2023
I'm trying to collaborate with students on building a RoadRunner models. But using version control such as GitHub recommended through the following link won't let us merge RoadRunner internal scene files (.rrscene).
Is there any other option to collaborate with others to build on different areas simutaniously and merge them in later stages? Using Git but only one user can modify at a time is too time consuming for building a large road network.
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Yizhou Wang
Yizhou Wang le 15 Fév 2021
yes. that's making things difficult here. I found a wordaround by exporting xdor file and reimport back to RoadRunner could work. But this will lose the lane marking info. It would be great if we can combine multiple scene files..

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Vimal Rathod
Vimal Rathod le 28 Fév 2021
I think you have not enabled the "Export markings as <line>" checkbox during your OpenDrive Export, which might be the reason why the lane markings information is not available when you re-import.
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Yizhou Wang
Yizhou Wang le 28 Fév 2021
Thanks a lot! What a simple solution! I totally forgot there is one option here!

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