How do i debug a problem from app designer in the automatic part?

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So, i have created an app on App Designer in Matlab, and i am struggling with a problem with the automatic transcription of the design view into the code view. I putted some radio buttons on my design view, then i added a callback for the moment where someone push the 'go' button. And everything seems ok to me but there is only this red advertissment that i can get rid of because i cannot write in this place.
Is there someone who has an explanation or a solution to propose?
(i can put more pictures if you want)

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Mario Malic
Mario Malic on 16 Feb 2021
Edited: Mario Malic on 16 Feb 2021
Hi Clement,
You are probably missing or have an extra end statement somewhere in your code.
If you click on function or method, the program will show you which end statement terminates the block.
clement Debelle
clement Debelle on 17 Feb 2021
Oh yes thank you,
i was writing as in python,
All right, yes thank you i will try that :)
have a good day

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