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Find an orthogonal vector

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I have the following matrix: M = [3 18 0;-3 -2 5;-1 5 0;3 3 -9]
I need to find a vector that's orthogonal to all of the vectors in this matrix. I'm familiar with how to solve for a vector that's orthogonal to two vectors (solving for lambda and multiplying lambda by a vector), but not sure how to solve for multiple vectors. Any help is appreciated!

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 16 Feb 2021
Never call a variable O. Consider how difficult it will be to find the bug one day, when you see or write a zero, instead of O. And consider that in some fonts, the difference between them is very slight.
As to the question, use null.
help null
Samuel Hoppen
Samuel Hoppen on 16 Feb 2021
Null(M) gave me a 3×0 empty double matrix. If I then calculate the dot product of null(M) and M, I get an error because the size of the vectors is different.

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