Image denoising using DnCNN toolboxdir error

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Danijel Visnjic
Danijel Visnjic on 17 Feb 2021
Answered: Jack Xiao on 21 Feb 2021
I need to denoise image with DNN filter. This is the code I found online for denising color image, but in fifth line (net = denoisingNetwork('DnCNN');) it shows errors wich I pasted down, after code. So, what should I do to remove them? I'm using this code to denoise image with DnCNN:
original_Image = imread('image.jpg');
original_Image = im2double(original_Image);
noisy_Image = imnoise(original_Image, 'gaussian',0,0.03);
[nRed, nGreen, nBlue] = imsplit(original_Image);
net = denoisingNetwork('DnCNN');
denoised_nRed = denoiseImage(nRed, net);
denoised_nGreen = denoiseImage(nGreen, net);
denoised_nBlue = denoiseImage(nBlue, net);
denoised_Image = cat(3, denoised_nRed, denoised_nGreen, denoised_nBlue);
montage({original_Image, noisy_Image, denoised_Image})
title('Original, noisy and denoised Images')
Error using toolboxdir (line 54) Could not locate the base directory for nnet.
Error in images.internal.requiresNeuralNetworkToolbox (line 7) if ~isfolder(toolboxdir('nnet'))
Error in denoisingNetwork (line 45) images.internal.requiresNeuralNetworkToolbox(mfilename);

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