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Using Simulink Coder-Generated Shared Object Libraries Inside MATLAB

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Greg on 7 May 2013
Is it possible to create a shared object library (.dll or .so file) with the Simulink Coder toolbox (specifically the ert_shrlib.tlc target) that can then be loaded and used inside of MATLAB with the loadlibrary function?
I've seen a lot of warnings that using .dll files created by the MATLAB Compiler is not supported, but this should be very different because the .dll files are created from C code and do not call the MCR.
I think I have the general workflow down, but I can't call the _initialize method of the model without getting a segfault that crashes MATLAB. I'm trying to figure out if the problem is just a mistake that I'm making in calling the function or if there is more fundamental wrong with what I'm trying to do.


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