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Plotting Timetable in Matlab

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Anders Vigen
Anders Vigen le 19 Fév 2021
Time=TR({'05-05-2020','05-06-2020 00:00:00'},:);
T = timetable2table(Time)
I am trying to plot my timetable, but it will only plot a single point for it. So instead of plotting the whole data series for 'Time' it only plots for the first point. I tried converting it to an array but that didn't work out too well. Hopefully somebody can help me

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Anders Vigen
Anders Vigen le 23 Fév 2021

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Duncan Po
Duncan Po le 19 Fév 2021
The line:
Time=TR({'05-05-2020','05-06-2020 00:00:00'},:);
only extracts two rows from TR. So Time only has two rows. Then when you define x and y, the first row is discarded, so x and y are scalar. That's the reason only one point is plotted.
If you want the entire series, just use the entire TR instead of extracting only two rows.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 21 Fév 2021
The representation of hours turned out to be strange :(
load_demand = readtable("Demand_timeseries_1hourResolution.xlsx");
h = cellfun(@(S) sscanf(S, '%d', 1), load_demand.Hours);
load_demand.Time = load_demand.Date + hours(h);
mask = isbetween(load_demand{:, 1}, datetime('2020-05-05'), datetime('2020-05-06')-minutes(1));
x = load_demand.Time(mask);
y = load_demand{mask,3};
plot(x, y);
Anders Vigen
Anders Vigen le 23 Fév 2021
@Walter Roberson you are a genius! It worked completely as it should. Thank you very much for the dedication on this issue!

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