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Level Set Method for Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy Clustering

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Hoda Gh
Hoda Gh le 20 Fév 2021
Hi everyone,
I want to use this file exchange which seems to work for 2D images but I want to use it for 3D MRI pelvic images. How is it possible to change it for 3D scalar images.
Also it mentions to put the address of images but I don't know where to put the address?!
I appreciate any help. Thanks

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Vimal Rathod
Vimal Rathod le 22 Fév 2021
You could use individual slices of the 3D Image for segmentation. The slice of 3D image becomes a 2D image which you could feed it into the function. Coming to the address part, you have to change the address in the "imread" function with your image file address.
Refer to the following link to know more about imread function.


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