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Write "BIT" data type to existing PostgreSQL table from Matlab

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Anastasia Rybcova
Anastasia Rybcova le 20 Fév 2021
Hi everyone,
I created a table in PostgreSQL that has a data column with the BIT type:
create table parameters (
row_num serial,
value_parameter bit(1),
primary key (row_num);
After that I successfully connected to the PostgreSQL from MATLAB, and tried to add a record to the table:
conn = postgresql(username,password,'DatabaseName',"postgres",'PortNumber',5432);
my_table = table("0", 'VariableNames', 'value_parameter');
sqlwrite(conn, 'public.parameters', my_table);
As a result I get the error:
"The VariableNames property is a cell array of character vectors. To assign multiple variable names, specify nonempty names in a string array or a
cell array of character vectors".
I have tried many ways to write the request but invariably get the above error. How to correctly write such a request, or where can I read about it?
Thank you in advance

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Vimal Rathod
Vimal Rathod le 22 Fév 2021
Try using the following code.
my_table = table("0", 'VariableNames', {'value_parameter'});
You were getting the error because you didn't put the variable names in the cell array format.
Refer to the following link to see another example with the same syntax




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